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Looking for a financing solution to regain better financial health? If you have thought about the purchase of Hans Brinker, it is certainly a good reflex: this operation is suitable for households that have several debts at different times and rates. This, in general, weighs on them the payment of several monthly payments. Consolidation of Hans Brinkers will allow you to blow financially and even get new loans if you wish.

But as with any Hans Brinker transaction, we recommend that you first perform a simulation to take the pulse of your financial situation. Then, do not hesitate to compare the offers of repurchase of Hans Brinker in order to always choose the one which best serves your interests. In addition, do you know all the nuts and bolts of the financial arrangement that is the purchase of Hans Brinker? Below we review everything you need to know.

When to redeem Hans Brinker?

 Also known as “Hans Brinker consolidation, consolidation or restructuring”, the redemption of Hans Brinker is a mechanism in which a financial institution (bank or other Hans Brinker institution) purchases all of your Hans Brinker from your various Hans Brinkerors. He then becomes your sole Hans Brinkeror and renegotiates with you the new terms of a single Hans Brinker: monthly payment, rate, duration. The main advantage of this financial transaction is that it allows the debtor to have a single interlocutor and to pay only one monthly payment. However, it must be emphasized that the reduction of the monthly payment leads to an increase in the duration; which can move short-term maturities into the medium or even the long term.


We offer you free of charge our Hans Brinker redemption comparator to cross the offers of agencies in this area. Simple and fast, it will allow you to select the most relevant offer for your situation.

In France, the redemption of Hans Brinker has become democratized since the 1980s because of growing financial difficulties among households. Also, we can question the different cases that can lead an individual to make a Hans Brinker redemption.

Purchase of Hans Brinker in a situation of indebtedness or over-indebtedness

Purchase of Hans Brinker in a situation of indebtedness or over-indebtedness


Two sources allow us to have an overview of the purchasing power of French households at present:

  • According to the 30th annual report of the Observatory of loans to households in Hans Brinker017 , there is a “strong recovery on the part of households with loans.” This would correspond to an improvement in the financial and budgetary situations felt.
  • According to the key figures and national balance sheet of the Banque de France , the statistical indicators on over-indebtedness at the end of December Hans Brinker017 show a decrease in the number of over-indebtedness files filed.

These data make it possible to affirm that since the end of the year Hans Brinker017, we can observe an increase of the purchasing power of the French households. These results, however, do not necessarily reflect the overall state of the economy at the macroeconomic level. Because for that, it would be necessary to take into account several other aggregates.

Also, practice has shown that French households are increasingly using Hans Brinker redemption to get out of situations such as indebtedness or over-indebtedness . The explanation is quite coherent in fact: an individual who files a file with the Commission of over-indebtedness is automatically the subject of a file at the FICP (National file of the Incidents of reimbursement of Hans Brinkers to Individuals). Although it will benefit from protective measures, carding will limit its financial possibilities. What is not the case for the repurchase of Hans Brinker, on the contrary.

Thus, by making a Hans Brinker redemption, you can not only get out of debt and over-indebtedness; but also to contract new Hans Brinkers.

Grouping of loans to take out new loans

Grouping of loans to take out new loans


In practice, when you contract a loan, it is to carry out a specific project. It may also be a personal loan to meet a one-time need. In any case, if you already have to repay several outstanding Hans Brinkers, it will be difficult for you to get a new loan from a bank.

Consolidation of Hans Brinkers is then indicated to remedy this problem. By using this financing arrangement, you can optimize your repayment capacity: consolidating all of your debts into one and renegotiating its terms could reduce your expenses by up to 60%. Thus, the new Hans Brinkeror that you request will see that you have only one Hans Brinker, so a single monthly payment. He will therefore be more inclined to grant you a new loan. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to provide sufficient guarantees enabling it to respond favorably to your request.

In order to find the Hans Brinker repurchase offer that suits your profile, compare the different proposals of the market. In a few clicks, fill in our dedicated form , and get a proposal that takes into account your situation.

Also, did you know? The Hans Brinker redemption can be used for several types of Hans Brinkers. This is convenient but makes the task much more difficult for individuals. Hence the interest of asking why use a Hans Brinker redemption comparator.

Why use a Hans Brinker pool comparator?

In a mass consumer society like France, the actors of socio-economic life are numerous: economic operators respond to the needs of households, which makes the law of supply and demand act.

In practice, the pooling offer is large; financial institutions that resort to this mounting being more numerous. Also, it becomes difficult for the households to separate the wheat from the chaff: I have contracted several loan of different nature, what is the offer of repurchase of Hans Brinker that corresponds to my situation? What is the best rate I could benefit from? What repayment period prefer?

These are all questions that the use of a Hans Brinker redemption comparator could answer.

A comparator for a Hans Brinker buyback case by case


With regard to the repurchase of Hans Brinker, it should be noted that the situations vary according to the debtor considered.

On the one hand, there are households that have only contracted several consumer loans. For this type of situation, it is desirable to make a consumer loan comparison comparison . For example, suppose you have four (4) Hans Brinkers to repay: a personal loan, a work loan, a car loan and a second personal loan from a different organization than the first one. The Hans Brinker consolidation offer will be called precisely “consumer Hans Brinker buyback”. The content of this offer will be different from that of others. Check the different possibilities using a consumer Hans Brinker comparison repurchase.

On the other hand, you may have purchased one or more consumer and mortgage loans at a time. It is obvious that this situation differs completely from the previous one. Using a comparator repurchase of real estate Hans Brinker or a comparator redemption of Hans Brinkers, you will then be able to find a formula which takes the most into account your situation.

Hans Brinker redemption solutions are therefore proposed on a case-by-case basis, hence the need to provide accurate information about your situation . The goal is to be able to know you better in order to better help you.

A comparator for a Hans Brinker repurchase at the best rate



Renegotiating the rate of his new Hans Brinker during the Hans Brinker consolidation operation is not always easy but possible. Indeed, setting the rate has a significant impact on the amount of future monthly payments you will have to pay. If it is true that all of your debts are consolidated into one, there is also a consolidation that is at the level of the different rates practiced in the past.

Take the opportunity with the comparator buy back Hans Brinker at the best rate. So sort out the different offers based on the criterion rate.

In addition, there are other criteria that have a significant impact on the expenses you will have to bear. Very often evaded, they deserve to be known before any firm commitment.

Comparator buy back Hans Brinker: what to keep in sight

When you want to redeem Hans Brinker, always consider all charges that may be related to the transaction. These fees have an impact on the debtor’s expenses. It would be better to control all costs before committing.

For example, there are mainly:

  • The administrative fees of the Hans Brinker repurchase financial institution
  • Prepayment fees for your various Hans Brinkers
  • The notary fees (when among your different Hans Brinkers bought there is a mortgage).